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for geocachers and outdoor explorers.

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Onli Challenges for geocachers and outdoor explorers.

Experience a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt on the world map. Be the first to solve the geocaching tasks and win prizes.

Onli Local Challenges

Discovery challenges require you to solve a clue (find a building, natural formation, statue etc.) and get to the location

Speed challenges name a place to be and you have to be the first one there

Onli Global Challenges

A task that can be achieved anywhere on the world. These reward creativity (best entry) or popularity (most liked by others)

Participate in Challenges

To enter a challenge just submit a photo or video with the app that is gps tagged and shows you have found the location or solved the task.

Participating in challenges requires a working gps signal.

Challenge Prizes

Winning challenges earns you prizes or points which can be used to enter the challenges with the biggest and most awesome prizes

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