Terms of Service

1. Area of Application and Definition of Terms

Geopieces is a multiuser online service of the Geopieces Technology GmbH & Co KG

a. The following general terms of service (TOS) are part of every contract which is formed between the Geopieces Technology GmbH & Co KG (henceforth referred to as “Geopieces”) and the contractual party (henceforth referred to as “User”). Any services provided by Geopieces are covered by the following terms of service.

b. The User accepts the Geopieces Terms of Service by registering on www.geopieces.com. Changes or annexes to the Terms of Service by the User are only legally binding if Geopieces issues a written confirmation.

2. Subject-Matter of the contract

a. The subject-matter of the contract between Geopieces and the User is the provision of internet services, especially the sale of virtual goods.

b. The creation of content in the form of “Posts” or commentaries by the User is free of charge, except when using special forms of content distribution systems (for example Geostores)

3. Services by Geopieces

Providing a multiuser online service according to Paragraphs 1 and 2

4. Benefits, responsibilities and obligations of the User

a. The User is solely responsible for the content of linked websites. Geopieces is not liable for the content created by the User or the content on websites linked by the user. These terms are especially valid concerning areas of law pertaining to copyright, press, data storage and protection of minors. Geopieces does not check the linked websites based on the guidelines used by search engine providers nor does it check whether the linked websites are in violation of third party rights. This also holds validity pertaining to the protection of rights and freedoms of third parties in the areas of competition, copy right, trademark or commercial law.

b. The user may not upload media files, post links or submit written text which violate the law or can be conceived as threatening, vulgar, pornographic, racist, libelous, slandering or inciting hatred.

c. These General Terms of Use shall be complied with by all Users and shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Geopieces in respect to any loss or damage suffered and/or claims made by third parties arising from any infringement of these General Terms of Use.

d. If the User manages mulitple accounts, they are subject to termination.

5. Credits (credits)

Credits are virtual coupons, licensed by Geopieces. Each credit is a virtual coupon, which represents a contractual permission by Geopieces to use the services provided. An exchange of credits for their real currency value is precluded by Geopieces.

6. Change or cessation of the website and/or the Geopieces Services

a. Geopieces is entitled to change or limit the scope and/or functions of the website or the Geopieces services at any time and without specifying or presenting any reasons at its own discretion or to completely stop the website or the Geopieces service.

b. You have no right to be provided the Geopieces service without technical disturbances and/or interruptions. In this connection, technical and/or any other disturbances, maintenance work or development work may temporarily completely interrupt or restrict the use of the website and/or the Geopieces service. The liability of Geopieces for data loss which can occur due to or in connection with such interruptions or disruptions is excluded.

7. Limitations of Liability

Any claims for compensation for damages, contractual or otherwise, are precluded. Claims by the User, which are based on gross negligence by Geopieces, are excluded from this clause.

8. Refunds and Virtual Currency

In no way can credits, classified as a Virtual Good be redeemed for real money, goods, or other items of monetary value from any party.
The Transfer of credits is strictly prohibited. This means you may not buy or sell credits, a Virtual Good, for "real world" money or otherwise exchange Virtual Goods for value outside of the Geopieces Plattform.
You may not transfer, buy or sell credits to other Geopieces Users.
You also agree that all Purchases made with credits are final. No refunds will be given by Geopieces or Geopieces third party payments providers.
Other than a limited, revocable, non-transferable license to use the credits for Virtual Property Purchase Orders on the Geopieces Plattform, you have no right in or title to such Credits and Virtual Goods.
In the event that your account is terminated or suspended for any reason, in Geopieces sole and absolute discretion, or if Geopieces discontinues its Services, you forfeit any and all credits and Virtual Goods.
Geopieces has the absolute right to manage, regulate, control, modify, and/or eliminate Credits and/or Virtual Goods as it sees fit in its sole discretion, and Geopieces shall have no liability to you or anyone for the exercise of such rights.

9. Data Security

As the site offers the opportunity to enter personal or business data, the user explicitly agrees to offer this data on a voluntary basis. Geopieces reserves the right to use and process the entered data to improve our service to the benefit of our customers, as well as save and use the data for the purpose of the execution of the requested services.

10. Contract Period and Cancellation

a. The registration of the User is not time delimited.

b. If one or both parties fail to fulfill their contractual obligations the contract may be terminated without notice.

11. Other

All texts, pictures, graphics, logos, brand names, company names, etc. entailed in the website layout are subject to the copyright of the owner or Trademark and Patent law. Copying or distributing of any such objects is not permissible without a written agreement of Geopieces.

12. Final Provisions

a. These General Terms and Conditions are subject to Austrian law with the exception of the UN purchase law and the reference standards of the Austrian international private law. If you are a consumer, this definitely does not apply if special consumer protection regulations in your home country are more favourable for you.

b. In the case of contracts between Geopieces and companies, Vienna is the place of performance and the court responsible for the municipal district of Wiener Neustadt is agreed to be the exclusively competent court of jurisdiction.

c. The contract will be binding even if parts of the provisions herein are legally void.

13. Challenge and Contest Rules and Terms

1. Entrants must send entries via the Geopieces App marked by the relevant #hashtag as required in the contest announcement in order to be eligible. Entries received after the deadline set forth in the challenge announcement are ineligible, null, and void. Geopieces will not be responsible for and will not consider incomplete or incorrect entries. Geopieces is not responsible for entries that are submitted but not published on Geopieces for any reason.

2. All winners will be notified by email, which is connected to the relevant user account. Contests may require contact between the price providing third party and the user and Geopieces reserves the right to pass on contact details to partners for the express purpose of price awards.

If the winner does not respond to the notification within: a) five (5) business days for contests entered via the Geopieces App, we reserve the right to name another winner. Failure to respond within the time frames listed above shall mean that the provisional winner forfeits the prize.

3. All photos, videos and any other content or information submitted by you via the Geopieces App shall become the sole and exclusive property of Geopieces, and Geopieces shall have no obligation to preserve, return, or otherwise make available to you or others any submissions.

Geopieces may use, reproduce, edit, display, transmit, prepare derivative works of, modify, publish, and otherwise make use of submissions in any and all media, whether now known or hereinafter created—throughout the world and for any purpose—without compensation to you of any kind.

4. By participating in a challenge, you represent and warrant that the submissions do not infringe any copyright, trademark, property rights, rights of privacy or publicity of any person, or any other right of any third party and that you have the full and unrestricted right to transfer the submissions to Geopieces free and clear of any claims or encumbrances.

5. You agree to hold Geopieces and its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors, and assigns harmless from and against—and hereby waive any right to pursue—any claims of any nature arising in connection with Geopieces’s use of the challenge submissions.

6. Contests involving evaluations of submissions as part of the contest will be judged entirely in the sole and absolute discretion of Geopieces.

7. All entrants and winners must be at least 18 years of age, unless otherwise stated or posted.

8. Winners may not request substitutions of prize winnings. All winners are solely responsible for any and all taxes and/or fees as well as all additional costs that may be incurred.

9. Neither Geopieces nor its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors, or assigns shall be liable for any warranty, costs, damage, injury, or any other claims incurred as a result of the usage of a prize by any winner including but in no way limited to each and every aspect of the taking of a trip or tour as part of a contest prize. Geopieces is not liable for any loss arising out of or in connection with any challenge promoted on www.geopieces.com

10. If the specified prize becomes unavailable for any reason, Geopieces in its sole and absolute discretion may substitute a prize of like or equal value.

11. A challenge is null and void in any jurisdiction where prohibited by law.

12. Geopieces reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to terminate any challenge at any time without prior notice.

13. Geopieces reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to alter any challenge rules at any time.

14. By entering a challenge, you conclusively are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these contest rules and terms and conditions as well as by any rules specific to such contests. This is an irrevocable condition of entry.

15. No purchase or payment of any consideration is necessary to be considered as a challenge winner.

16. Each contest will state a deadline for entry. Winners of contests will be announced within 3 business days after the deadline.

17. Geopieces reserves the right to condition the award of prizes upon the execution by the winner(s) of a publicity release. Notwithstanding this reserved right, entry is conclusively deemed to be permission by the entrant to use the entrant’s name (without compensation to the entrant) if the entrant is a winner to publicize the contest and otherwise, as determined by Geopieces, unless prohibited by law.